It's A Blooming Gardeners Bucket

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It's A Blooming Gardeners Bucket

"Her love of flowers. It's only matched by her passion for planting, so this exclusive solid wood gardening planter is sure to please her this Mother's Day. SheíÌ_åÇåÎåll putter around the garden with her new soft knee pad, handy for planting, feel stylish in her new gardening gloves and enjoy some tasty treats while the flowers bloom. Includes a solid wood planting bucket, 3 assorted vegetable or floral seed packets, stylish gardening gloves, a beautiful gardening sign, Beths chocolate chip cookies, hand soap for cleaning up the mess, moisturizing hand lotion to sooth those tired hands, a gardening spritzer bottle, aromatherapy sachets, Carmel apple stickies and herbal tea. Adorned with flowers and a beautiful hand made bow this planter is a true delight for any gardener. (Planters and signs come assorted and sayings will vary.)