Kosher Shiva & Kosher Gift Baskets

Below you will find specialty gifts and baskets, designed with certified gourmet, Kosher confections.

  • Kosher Deluxe

    Kosher Deluxe

    This beautiful metal and seagrass tray filled with KOSHER ONLY PRODUCTS the basket is labeled KOSHER ONLY.  It filled with the most delicious gourmet foods. cranberry pomegranate snack mix, almond cashew snack mix, smokey mozzarella peanuts, fruit...

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  • VIP  Kosher  Basket

    VIP Kosher Basket

          cranberry pomegranate snack almond cashew snack smokey mozzarella peanuts fruit jellies hazlenut wafers butter toffee peanuts cannoli powdered sugar chips chocolate...

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