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  • Caramel Inspirations Spa Gift Box

    Caramel Inspirations Spa Gift Box

    The sweet indulgence of Caramel and vanilla will surround her in a luxurious spa treatment while she drinks a caramel Latte and eats decadent Cashew Toffee chocolates. The total package and one she deeply deserves. Your giving her everything she needs...

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  • Caramel Spa Treasures Gift Chest

    Caramel Spa Treasures Gift Chest

    A sweet and soothing caramel and cream scent wraps you in its comforting embrace, healing tired skin (and spirit) from head to toe. An entire ensemble of spa-quality indulgences, from bath fizzies to exfoliating scrubbers, leaves you feeling relaxed,...

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  • Carrot Patch Petes Easter Git Pail

    Carrot Patch Petes Easter Git Pail

    A treat and activity filled pail all the little Somebunnies on your list will love. Filled with traditional Easter sweets and fun filled activities this pastel Easter pail is sure to be a big hit this year. Includes: Blue gift pail, Milk chocolate...

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  • Chicken Noodle Soup Get Well Gift Box

    Chicken Noodle Soup Get Well Gift Box

    When a friend is on the mend, let them know you’re thinking of them with the Our Feel Better Soon Get Well gift box. Filled with the tastiest chocolate chip cookies they’ll ever eat, this gift is sure to have them feeling better soon! The Chicken...

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  • Chocolate Gourmet

    Chocolate Gourmet

    The Chocolate Gourmet gift basket sends your good wishes in a way anyone would love! Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion, so whether you need to make amends, make friends, or say I love you, do it with the Chocolate Gourmet gift basket!

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  • Chocolate Party Mini

    Chocolate Party Mini

      Chocolate covered pretzels, graham crackers, oreos, marshmallows, marshmallows, peanut butter cups approximately 15 pieces recommended for up to 8 people

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  • Chocolate Tease Couple Game Set

    Chocolate Tease Couple Game Set

    What a fun, sexy, and delicious foreplay game! To play the Chocolate Tease Game, take turns with your partner picking a card and reading it out loud then performing the challenge. When someone successfully completes a challenge, they keep the card and...

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  • Chocolate Treasures

    Chocolate Treasures

    The Chocolate Treasures Gift Basket is a treasure trove of chocolate! Any way you like it, you'll find it in this gift basket: truffles, cappuccino, cookies, toffee and more chocolate. The perfect gift for all occasions, chocolate says it all! Give...

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