Executive Holiday Gift Basket

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Executive Holiday Gift Basket

This executive holiday basket makes a perfect gift for the holidays. It's perfect for a "THANK YOU" gift for an office. Nothing inside is specific for a certain holiday. Everything inside is neutral and can be enjoyed by anyone.  The basket is filled with delicious sweet and savory products for everyone to enjoy 


Pirouline * O’s Cookies * Peanut Puffs * Chocolate Layered Cookies * Sesame Butter Bites * Assorted Flavors Classic Cookies * Shortbread Cookies * Chocolate Mint Fudge Frogs * Pretzels 


Sometimes we are out of stock on product, so we reserve the right to replace it with something similar of equal or greater value 


Please be advised that when the temperature is over 60 degrees, we will not ship any chocolate and will replace chocolate items with something of equal value

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