Kosher Shiva & Kosher Gift Baskets

Below you will find specialty gifts and baskets, designed with certified gourmet, Kosher snacks

  • Gourmet Kosher Only Gift Basket

    Gourmet Kosher Only Gift Basket

    This basket has gourmet KOSHER ONLY products inside. The basket is clearly marked on the top with a sticker that says " KOSHER ONLY PRODUCTS". The basket is filled with the finest sweet and savory snacks.  ASSORTED FRUIT & NUTS * CINNAMON...

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  • Gourmet Kosher Shiva Basket

    Gourmet Kosher Shiva Basket

    This Gourmet Kosher Basket is appropriate for anyone sitting Shiva.  Please remember if someone doesn't keep a Kosher home it is a good idea to send them a Kosher basket anyway.  There will be the elders in the family visiting, friends, family,...

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  • Kosher Deluxe

    Kosher Deluxe

    This beautiful metal and seagrass tray filled with KOSHER ONLY PRODUCTS the basket is labeled KOSHER ONLY.  It filled with the most delicious gourmet foods. cranberry pomegranate snack mix, almond cashew snack mix, smokey mozzarella peanuts, fruit...

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  • Ultimate Kosher Gift Basket

    Ultimate Kosher Gift Basket

        This Kosher gift basket is filled with gourmet Kosher items.  Sweets & treats. Walkers pure butter shortbread, Jelly Belly jelly beans, assorted nuts, assorted dried fruits, pita chips, walkers chocolate & raspberry cookies,...

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  • Kosher VIP  Basket

    Kosher VIP Basket

     This Kosher Hanukkah Gift Basket is filled with all kosher products.  Assorted cookies, assorted chocolates, savory snacks, sweets and treats for everyone to enjoy during Hanukkah    ...

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  • Shear Indulgence Kosher Gift Basket

    Shear Indulgence Kosher Gift Basket

        This Kosher gift basket is filled with ALL Kosher items and is perfect for a Get Well, Shiva, Thank you or Birthday. Filled with chocolates, assorted nuts, pretzels, crackers, cookies, dried fruit and so much more delightful...

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  • VIP  Kosher Shiva  Tray

    VIP Kosher Shiva Tray

     This beautiful seagrass and black metal tray is filled with the finest gourmet Kosher products like . Imported French cookies, assorted nuts, organic dried fruit, peach batter cookies, donut cookies, trail mixes, crackers, crunchy cheese bites in...

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