Gourmet Kosher Shiva Basket

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Gourmet Kosher Shiva Basket

This Gourmet Kosher Basket is appropriate for anyone sitting Shiva.  Please remember if someone doesn't keep a Kosher home it is a good idea to send them a Kosher basket anyway.  There will be the elders in the family visiting, friends, family, the Rabbi and people they know from the Synagogue. You do not want to offend anyone.  This can also be sent for a Get Well * Thank You * Birthday * Congratulations or any other occasion.  You can be sure every item is KOSHER and there is a sticker on the front of the basket that says "ALL PRODUCTS ARE KOSHER". We include an an assortment of sweets imported from UKRAINE in support of UKRAINE'S crisis. We include assorted cookies, assorted nuts, assorted chocolate, trail mixes and more 


  Sometimes we are out of a product and need to replace it.  we reserve the right to replace it with something similar of equal or greater value 

Please note we can not ship chocolate when the temperature is over 55 degrees . We replace those items with other items that are similar in price

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