Holiday VIP Tray

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Holiday VIP Tray

This is a beautiful silver metal tray is  filled with the finest sweet and savory gourmet items.  Great for a office to share tray for a "Thank You" gift during the holidays.  This has a little of everything no matter what diet someone is on. Send to a family for the holidays this gift tray is perfect for anyone.  Top with a beautiful hand made snowflake bow.


Belgian fancy truffles, Imported Italian ladyfingers, waffle cones filled with dark chocolate, pretzels, wine & cheese biscuits, focaccia crisps, peppermint bark, coconut caramel glazed nuts, chocolate covered mouse biscuits, imported Italian pastry, red velvet chocolate, raspberry filled cookies covered in chocolate, imported Italian sponge cake filled with hazelnut nut cream , gingerbread cookies filled with fruit and dipped in chocolate, cookies filled with cream, blueberry shortbread cookies 



For a variety of reasons, we will occasionally run out of a specific item. While this does not occur often, we reserve the right to substitute the unavailable item for a different one of equal or greater value.


Please be advised that when the temperature is over 60 degrees we will not ship any chocolate and will replace chocolate items with something of equal value

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