Spring Gourmet Baklava Assortment Gift Box

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Spring Gourmet Baklava Assortment Gift Box
Our Gourmet Spring Baklava is handcrafted by Confectionary Artisans and baked to perfectionÌ_ÌÇÌ__Ì_åÇåÎåâÌ_ÌÇÌ__Ì_ÌÇåÎå£made with over 50 layers of paper-thin phyllo dough and filled with a delectable assortment of super-premium walnuts, cashews, pine nuts and pistachios, this Baklava Assortment is sheer delight. Artfully arranged on a gold tray and heat-sealed for freshness and quality, our Baklava is hand-packed in our exclusive E-Flute Spring Confectionary Boxes. Your order includes a bag of Pistachio Powder for sprinkling on top of the Baklava before serving It's a perfect gift for the warmer months and is guaranteed to be enjoyed by everyone! Net Food Weight: 2.5 lbs
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