Kosher Shiva & Kosher Gift Baskets

Below you will find specialty gifts and baskets, designed with certified gourmet, Kosher confections.

  • Kosher Snacks Gift Basket

    Kosher Snacks Gift Basket

    For your Kosher friends and family members, here's the new Kosher Snacks Gift Basket. Carefully selected to adhere to the personal snacking requirements of your Kosher friends, this thoughtful gift basket will show how much you care. Whether you want...

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  • Medium Kosher Gift Basket

    Medium Kosher Gift Basket

    partners cracks chocolate cherries chocolate peanut butter NW dark chocolate berreis sugar cookies shortbread cookies cinnamon glaze donuts keylime coolers Georgia Peach Cookies  Chocolate...

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  • The Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket

    The Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket

    The Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket delivers all your favorite kosher sweets, treats and traditions in a beautiful 16 inch dark stained basket. Goodies galore will tempt the taste buds of your kosher friends, while strictly adhering to their dietary...

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